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Marketing Your Practice

Sound marketing initiatives are an integral part of growing and maintaining a successful practice.

AAOE equips you with marketing tools and information to expand your patient base and serve your community..

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Advertising Risk Management Recommendations

FDA Warns Ophthalmologists Against Improper LASIK Advertising

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent warnings to five eye care providers to stop misleading advertising and promotion of refractive lasers used in corrective eye surgery procedures, including LASIK. The warnings are part of FDA efforts to ensure that advertisements provide consumers with adequate information about risks and possible adverse events associated with these surgeries. The providers could face further FDA regulatory action if they do not make changes to their advertising and promotions. The Academy has guidelines to assist ophthalmologists with refractive-surgery advertising. In addition, the FDA website features general background and risk information that may assist ophthalmologists in developing advertising and promotional materials.

Academy Policy Statement

Useful Marketing Tips

Branding On a Budget

Companies, large and small, are paying top dollar to create and promote their brand(s). The costs associated with this formal branding process can be significant. However, you possess numerous tools to help develop your own brand. The following three steps have been modified for the ophthalmology practice, based on what professional services marketing agencies provide for their clients. Continue reading, Branding On a Budget.

Maximizing Patient Referrals

Your marketing plan should be made up of internal and external tactics. Patient referrals should be considered an important part of your internal marketing plan. Your patients present a golden opportunity to market your practice. As such, a percentage of time and dollars need to be allocated accordingly. Continue reading, Maximizing Patient Referrals.

Effective Web Site Design and Online Marketing Strategies

Practices that institute and maintain a well-thought-out online presence tend to be more successful than those that lack a strategy. Providing quality medical care is paramount to a practice’s success, but informing current and potential patients and colleagues of your practice’s offerings is equally vital. Every medical practice should have an effective Web strategy for site development and maintenance and marketing. Continue reading, Effective Web Site Design and Online Marketing Strategies.

Protect Your Online Reputation and Grow Your Patient Base

Online reviews have a major impact on your business, and that frightens a lot of practice owners. But online reviews cut both ways: they can drive patients away, or they can serve as a powerful and free advertising tool. Three out of four people consider online reviews as reliable as word-of-mouth recommendations, and a difference of one “star” in a business’s average rating can translate into a 5–9 percent change in revenues. Here are some general principles for making sure your practice’s online reviews work for you, not against you. Continue reading, Protect Your Online Reputation and Grow Your Patient Base.

Using Local Media to Promote Your Practice

Unless you are in a very, very small town, your eye clinic is likely not the only option for patients in need of care. In our competitive world, you have to do what you can to make sure your clinic is their preferred choice. One way of establishing awareness and credibility for your practice is through your local media. Continue reading, Using Local Media to Promote Your Practice.