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ISRS Community

The ISRS Community provides surgeons around the world with the opportunity to openly exchange clinical information and ideas. This member benefit allows you to:

  • Get answers to your puzzling questions
  • Obtain advice on troubling cases from your refractive surgery colleagues
  • Learn from others experiences


ISRS Community Discussion

ISRS Community: Discussions

ISRS Discussions allows you to communicate with your colleagues worldwide.

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Outlook Blog


ISRS Community: Outlook Blog

The ISRS Outlook Blog allows you to read the latest studies published in the Journal of Refractive Surgery, share your comments on the studies and read what others have to say.

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Meetings Blog


ISRS Community: Meetings Blog

The ISRS Meetings Blog allows you to stay informed on the latest developments and news from ISRS meetings being held around the world.

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Community: Photos

The ISRS Photo Gallery allows you to share your clinical and meeting photos with your colleagues.

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