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Login Help Center

Reference the below information to assist with login questions and difficulties.

Login Difficulties
If you are an ISRS, AAO or AAOE member and are unable to log in, DON’T create a new account. This will not connect to your existing member record, and will not give you access to password-protected content.

Verify that you are unable to login:

  • If you are being prompted to create a new username or password when you login, this is normal and correct operation of the site. You will only be required to change your login information once. Once you have completed this account update, you will be allowed in to the ISRS site as usual.
  • If you have just changed your login information and now cannot log in with either the new or old information, this problem is most often related to your browser's cached information. Clear your browser's cookies (this process differs with each browser - check your browser's documentation to find out the specific procedure for your system). Once you have cleared the cookies from your machine, close all of your browser windows, reopen and try logging in again. If you have continued trouble logging in, contact Member Services by phone at +1.415.561.8581 or email

Verify that you are using the correct information:

  • If you are taking your login information from an ISRS, AAO or AAOE email message from April 2009 or before, this information is almost certainly out of date. Have your current information emailed to you.
  • In many cases, office staff who log on to the ISRS, AAO or AAOE site on behalf of members have been required to change login information to comply with our financial institutions' security policies. Some staff may not have shared this information with the member; and vice-versa. If your colleagues are available, verify that no one else has changed the login information.

Verify that your system is working properly:

  • The ISRS web site is not compatible with the AOL browser. We recommend connecting to the site using Internet Explorer 9 or 10, Firefox 3.5 or higher or Google Chrome.
  • If you have another computer available, try logging in from that other computer.

If you believe you are using the correct information, but you are still unable to log in:

  • Have your information emailed to you. Your username and password can only be sent to the email address already on file in your account. If you do not have an email address on file or if the address in your account is one that you cannot currently access, you cannot use our automated system to retrieve your account details.

At any time, you may contact Member Services to retrieve your username or have your password reset. ISRS, AAO and AAOE staff are not able to view Member passwords, and so we cannot send you your login information, except through the automatic online system, as detailed above. ISRS, AAO and AAOE staff are able to reset passwords temporarily to allow member access. To have your password reset, contact Member Services by phone at +1.415.561.8581 or email

To report problems you are having with the website, send email to Include in the body of your email:

  • Member or customer number (if known)
  • The specific address of the Web page you are having trouble with. Copy this address from your browser's address bar. The address will begin with
  • Your Browser version and computer platform
  • A short description of the problem you are having
  • If possible, a screenshot the error messages you are receiving

Remember My Login on this Computer
You can remain indefinitely logged in to the ISRS, AAO and AAOE websites. On the login page, check the box next to "Remember my login on this computer" and you will stay logged in to the Web site until you clear your cookies, log out of the Web site with the log out link, or log in to the website with your login from a different computer.

If you enable this feature, note that you will need to provide your password again for certain sensitive areas of the website like CME and Update Your Membership Listing on the AAO site.

Changing Your Username
You can change your username by visiting the update your username page.

Changing Your Password
You can change your password using the Change Your Password form. You will be asked to enter your username and current password, twice, for verification. Note that new passwords must be seven characters or more in length, and are case sensitive.

After you create your password, verification will be sent to the e-mail address we have on file for you. You will be able to log in to the website with your username and new password immediately.

Creating a Web Account
If you are not a member of the ISRS, AAO or AAOE and want to register for the Annual Meeting online or purchase items in our online store, you must create a Web account (or Web record) on our site either during checkout in the store or before registering for the Meeting. Specific information and instruction is provided in the relevant areas of the site for both of these situations.

If you are a member of the ISRS, AAO or AAOE and have forgotten your login, do not create a Web account, as it will not give you access to member sections of the website, discounts in the store or the member rate during registration. Follow the directions for retrieving forgotten login information.

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