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ISRS Member Logo

Members of the International Society of Refractive Surgery (ISRS) who want to highlight their commitment to advancing the highest quality of care and lifelong education are encouraged to use the ISRS member logo. If you have questions about your current membership status, please contact the Membership Department at

ISRS Sample Member Logo

Member Logo: Access Files

Follow these guidelines when using the ISRS member logo:

  • Active ISRS Members are entitled to use the logo during the years they are members.
  • You can use the logo for scientific, professional marketing or awareness purposes, e.g., in Curriculum Vitae, biography, acknowledgement of awards, promotional pieces, etc.
  • You can also use the logo on office letterhead and stationery, PowerPoint slide presentations, acknowledgments of memberships and awards, promotional pieces, CVs and biographies.
  • All uses of the ISRS member logo must be in keeping with the highest ethical standards.
  • The logo should only be used to highlight your ISRS membership, not to position yourself as a representative of ISRS, or to imply ISRS endorsement of your practice or other enterprises. You cannot use the logo to exploit ISRS in any way.

Using The Logo

  • On your website:
    • Use the low resolution logo to link to the ISRS website at
    • You can also link your practice website to the Academy‚Äôs EyeSmart® public education website by placing a banner ad, a text link or an informational page that directs people from your website to the EyeSmart website ( Get more details about linking to EyeSmart.
  • In print:
    • Use either the color or black and white high resolution logo.
    • ISRS official logo colors are PMS Black and PMS Cyan. Use these PMS colors when printing the logo in color on letterhead or business cards.
    • The logo may be printed in solid black on a white background or in solid white on a black or very dark background.
  • For all uses:
    • The logo should not be angled, reversed, tilted or upside down.
    • Text should not appear in close proximity to the logo or obscure it in any way.

If you have questions about using the logo, contact

Access Member logo files.

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