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Patient Information


ISRS has partnered with the EyeSmart™ public awareness campaign, sponsored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, to provide you with a trusted source for accurate, timely and relevant eye health information.

EyeSmart empowers you to take charge of your eye health.

Losing your vision affects your ability to work, read, drive and countless other activities. That's why maintaining your eye health is a critical component not just of your overall well-being, but of your daily way of life.

Considering LASIK Surgery? Learn More

  • Read Is LASIK For Me? A Patient's Guide to Refractive Surgery: This guide offers straight-forward facts about what makes a good LASIK candidate, the risks and benefits of the surgery, how to choose a surgeon and an introduction to the informed consent process.
  • Access Your K Card: It's crucial to keep a record of pre- and post-operation information that may be needed for future eye surgery, such as cataract surgery. The K Card is an essential part of the refractive surgery patient's health files.

Visit EyeSmart for additional information.

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